To keep up with growing demand we are looking for experienced individuals to join our international team of innovative human medical imaging leaders. We can satisfy every need for ultra-high definition volumetric medical imaging in many different fields, offering custom-made human medical solutions for every single client. Apply to a fulfilling career working towards the democratization of superior medical imaging platforms designed to better improve workplace efficiency, safety, and overall client satisfaction.


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We Make Exceptional Measurements.

Unlike conventional CT systems, See Factor CT3™ provides non-interpolated (gapless, 100% real) image data delivering extraordinary isotropic image resolution as fine as 0.2mm in soft and hard tissue, lesion detection as small as 0.2mm and “Micro-Rad technology” to significantly reduce the radiation dose received by the patient and surrounding healthcare delivery team.

View images in axial, sagittal, and coronal planes – because of this, See Factor CT3™ studies can be easier to read than radiographs.

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3-in-1 imaging platform


25-75% Less Radiation

See Factor CT3™ volumetric data

100% Real Data

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Sylvain Palmer, MD Neurosurgeon

“It’s amazing that we can actually get this sort of precision and rotation, this sort of ultra-high-resolution visualization in soft and hard tissue.”


Craig Glaiberman, MD Interventional Radiologist

“See Factor CT3™ will improve diagnostics and therapeutics, and I think it’s also going to cause a paradigm shift in how we look at structures in the body. It’s true imaging.”


Arup Bhadra, MD Orthopedic Surgeon

“Having 3D soft and hard tissue diagnostic imaging helps in surgical planning, during surgery and post-operative confirmation – See Factor CT3™ is very, very important.   For the first time, we can do a 3D reconstruction of surrounding soft tissue.

Medical Imaging


By joining the Epica Human Health team of exceptional engineers and medical professionals who are experts in their field you will gain experience and insight into innovative medical imaging technology.

EPICA’S See Factor CT3™ PLATFORM: In-Patient & Outpatient; “We fit (form-factor, technologies, approach: diagnostic, intra-operative) where others do not” with vast applications in; Ortho, Ortho-Spine, Neuro (Spine, Cranial), Trauma, Vascular, Lung, Oncology, General Imaging (Hard & Soft Tissue), ENT whether it’s in the; OR, IR, ICU, Imaging, Physician Office, ER, or Urgent Care.