[On-Demand] Webinar:

Introducing See Factor CT3™: the world’s first multi-modality, mobile, bedside imaging platform. An ultra-High Definition Imaging system, designed to move to the patient in any point of care environment: ICU, OR, IR, Physician Office, ER Trauma, ASCs, and more.

[On-demand] Webinar

See Factor CT3™: Delivering Diagnostic & Interventional Capabilities to All Clinical Settings.

See Factor CT3™ delivers ultra-high-resolution 2D/3D CT, Fluoroscopy, and Digital Radiography capabilities in one lightweight, portable platform. In this webinar, we introduced See Factor CT3™, our newest multi-modality, mobile, bedside imaging platform, the applications of 2D/3D imaging in orthopedic diagnostics, and demonstrated how this advanced imaging system can:

✓ Turn any space into an imaging room

✓ Deliver exceptional diagnostic imaging insights anytime, anywhere

✓ Support multi-use cases in Acute Care, ICU, ER, OR, IR Suite, ASCs, Outpatient & more

✓ Drive higher ROI and deliver value in any clinical setting.


Dr. Randy Axelrod | CEO, Epica International

Dr. Peter Nora | Neurosurgeon

Dr. Scott Echols | CEO, Global Anatomix

Dr. Arup Bhadra | Orthopedic Surgeon

Greg Stoutenburg | Co-founder, Epica International

Dr. Craig Glaiberman | Vascular & Interventional Radiologist

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