See Factor CT3

  • FDA 510(K) Cleared for use in human diagnostic imaging
  • Multi-Modality in a single, lightweight imaging platform
  • High-Definition 3D Volumetric Imaging capability
  • Mobile & Compact platform: suitable for ICU, ER/Trauma, OR, and Imaging Rooms

HDVI: A New Imaging Standard

HDVI (High Definition Volumetric Imaging) is a new hybrid technology in CT (Computed Tomography) that provides unprecedented diagnostic and interventional information for clinicians. EPICA’s See Factor CT3™  is a multi-modality, mobile imaging platform that utilizes HDVI technology to deliver a 3D map of densities with spatial resolution that is the same in all three dimensions, with contrast equivalent to conventional CT.


Turn any room into an imaging room with See Factor CT3™’ compact, mobile design. Easily moves through standard doors by one technician.


3-in-1 imaging platform that provides superior 3D diagnostic imaging, digital radiography and fluoroscopy capabilities.

Less Radiation

EPICA’s proprietary “pulsed technology” significantly reduces the radiation dose received by the patient and surrounding healthcare delivery team.

100% Real Data

Non-interpolated (gapless, 100% real) image data delivering extraordinary isotropic image resolution as fine as 0.2mm in soft & hard tissue.


“Fly through” the anatomy: Dicom data pulled directly from EPICA’s imaging platform and rendered in a virtual reality environment.

Robotic Surgical Assist

Exceptional stability & surgical accuracy via direct mechanical link with imaging system managed by our proprietary software control system.

See Factor CT3™ vs Conventional CT

100% real, gapless, volumetric 3D data with no interpolation

Highest spatial resolution

Lower radiation dose

Full-featured Fluoroscopy on-board

Digital Radiography on-board

Functional Imaging protocols

Diagnostic &  Intraoperative

Less costly to buy, install and maintain

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Mobile (motorized), can be moved by one person35.7 inches wide , easily maneuverable through standard sized doorsDetector & amp; source positioned outside the bore to provide more room for patient-physician interaction
Flexible positioning for table, chair or bedpolyurethane Shockproof protection
Control panel w/adjustable display and keyboardMobile (motorized), Can be easily moved to patient side24.60"(62.5 cm) BoreHigh Definition Diagnostic Imaging, Digital Radiography, and Fluoroscopy onboardGantry extends forward and indexes over the table

HDVI Diagnostic Imaging


Unlike conventional CT systems, See Factor CT3™ provides non-interpolated (gapless, 100% real) image data delivering extraordinary isotropic image resolution as fine as 0.2mm, lesion detection as small as 0.2mm and “Micro-Rad technology” to significantly reduce the radiation dose received by the patient and surrounding healthcare delivery team.

See Factor CT3™ studies can be easier to read than radiographs.

Full-Featured Fluoroscopy


High-resolution images, auto-brightness/contrast, and frame rates from 1-30 fps. Any orientation of the patient may be viewed and the gantry can move over the patient during a study.

Platform Features Include Road Mapping, Digital Subtraction Angiography, Burst Mode, Dose Reduction Technology, Auto-Collimation, Tip Tracking.

Digital Radiography


With See Factor CT3™, flat filled radiographs of the study region of interest can be taken instantly. Our devices use less radiation and provide superior diagnostic data to help clinicians provide value and improve therapy outcomes through the use of our advanced 3-in-1 imaging platforms.

Product Specifications

EPICA’s product are designed to fit the needs of most ASCs, ICUs, ER/Trauma, OR, and imaging rooms. See Factor CT3™ is a compact, mobile, lightweight and multi-modality device capable of delivering high resolution HDVI images for a variety of different clinical uses/applications.

Height: 71 inches

Width: 35.7 inches

Length: 88 inches

Weight: 1689.47 Ibs

Power: 230V, 30 amp, Single Phase 

HDVI (CT) Field of View: Up to 35cm radius x 1.08m length
HDVI (CT) Resolution: 0.1mm – 0.6mm in 3 dimensions with true isotropic voxels
HDVI single data sets output – no need for reprocessing multiple planes
Fluoroscopy (full-featured): 1-30 fps, high resolution with auto-brightness, 3-dimensional orientation adjustment, DSA, Road-mapping, Tip-Tracking, Auto-Collimation
Digital Radiography: Scan Speed: 4-24 seconds for first 15cm, +13-30 seconds for each additional 15cm

Diagnostic (HDVI CT) including:

Skull, jaw, TMJ



Upper Extremities

Lower Extremities

We are working toward interventional (HDVI CT + Fluoro) including, but not limited to:

✓ Precision guided injections
✓ Biopsies
✓ Tumor ablation (this includes bone)
✓ Vascular (Peripheral)
✓ Arthrography

Basic image guided tube placement and injection

Education & Training

Every product installation is supported by EPICA’s in-house, US-Based support team. We provide on-site as well as remote training sessions to ensure your team is equipped with the knowledge required to operate See Factor CT3™. Ongoing training is provided through EpiCare which is included in the first year of product ownership.

In addition, Epica Human Health offers a variety of hands-on, interactive educational programs to promote information sharing amongst device users and to provide regular updates on product enhancements as well as best practices.

All EPICA clients are automatically enrolled in EPICA Education program and can benefit from our educational resources which include regular webinars, case libraries, and user forums.


Service & Support

Backed by EpiCare warranty, See Factor CT3™ comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Additional warranty can be obtained through our EpiCare program.

EpiCare is a comprehensive support plan that includes:

– Access to 24/7 U.S. based support

– Software/firmware updates

– Ongoing training and support

Please contact us for additional information about our warranty program and details.


At EPICA, we strive to provide our clients with advanced, high quality medical imaging solutions. We also take pride in our dedication to supporting our clients at each and every step of the process: from the fisrt day of install to continuing education and system upgrades.

Our imaging technology and devices are backed by EpiCare warranty. EpiCare is a comprehensive support plan that includes:

- Access to 24/7 U.S. based support

- Software/firmware updates

- Ongoing training and support

- Co-marketing & more

Please contact us to learn more about our commitment to quality and care through EpiCare.